Habanero Multipack

Habanero Multipack

For those who like it hot but also abundantly fruity!



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    Most people have heard of Tabasco, Jalapenos or Cayenne but for those wanting a bit more heat along with lots of flavour then the chilli to go for is definitely the Habanero

    Widely used in the Caribbean islands where it originates, the Habanero can be fierce but its fruitiness makes it a winner across the board, and not only in exotic recipes. Along with the bitter Naga, the Habanero is probably the chilli pepper that is most used in commercial hot sauces that mean to pack a punch without decimating a good chunk of population in the process. 

    So why not get a multipack of the Orange, Red and rare White variety (10 seeds per variety) and liven up for senses with a good all-rounder?



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