The year 2012 at Bountiful Seeds

The team of Bountiful Seeds has been growing chillies more or less as a hobby for years but it is only when the website and business were properly set up that the growing process had to be carefully honed in order to fulfil our own personal wishes and of course the customers’ needs....

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Choosing chillies to meet your taste

Choosing the right chilli to suit your taste while bringing just the right amount of pleasure and pain to your tastebuds can definitely be tricky....

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Habanero Varieties at Bountiful Seeds

If you are a self-proclaimed chilli head and have never tasted a habanero then shame on you. If on the contrary you are a chilli virgin then this is definitely a chilli you should strive to taste at least once in your life...

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Super Hot Chilli Peppers

Although the Bountiful Seeds' team tries to consider all chillies equal, let's face it, some of us have got favourites and when it comes to chillies, the hotter the better. ..

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Ornamental Chilli Peppers

Whether or not you are a budding or keen gardener, someone who likes simple home pleasures or is really into interior design, we bet you that the thought of ornamental chilli plants as a way to enhance your space doesn't come to mind often. ..

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The Chilli Pepper: Just a Fruit?

Chilli peppers have been around for thousands of years yet they are still unfortunately little known in Europe despite a plethora of growers and chilli optimists that can be found in the US, Australia, Africa and of course Asia. ..

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Why Grow Your Own Chillies?

In our fast-paced world where everything is pretty much at your doorstep and easy solutions are at the forefront of most people's minds, one question rises from some of our customers: "why grow your own chillies?"..

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Welcome to Bountiful Seeds!

Bountiful Seeds is an online shop with a simple mission: to provide a wide choice of quality chilli pepper seeds from the five known families (namely Annuum, Baccatum, Chinense, Frutescens and Pubescens) to as many people as possible, chilli beginners as well as experienced veterans...

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