After years of growing chillies for ourselves and a lot of trials and errors, the team of Bountiful Seeds decided to really come together and let others start or carry on in the path of the sometimes challenging but oh so satisfying malarkey that is growing plants from seeds!


We endeavour to provide the best quality of chilli seeds as well as a wide range of varieties so that everybody can find the plant they are looking for or feel closer to (yes, they do match personalities!). It has been hard selecting species across the five main families of capsicum (as well as stopping our chilli geekiness getting in the way) but as Bountiful Seeds develop we will be able to introduce rarer and surely even more intriguing types of chilli plants. 


Any seeds that aren’t from chilli peppers grown by ourselves have been sourced from reliable suppliers that we have used for a number of years. So if you like chilli plants for their beauty, get yourself some filius blue chilli seeds or if you like it hot we have plenty to choose from including the Chocolate Bhut Jolokia, the Red Trinidad Scorpion and even the Naglah which is a cross between a naga and a Trinidad Douglah. 


We were all beginners once so if you don’t know where to start or want to prove to your entourage that you do indeed have the green finger, do not hesitate to contact us or go into our “FAQ and hints” section. Alternatively, do as we did, get some random seeds, pop them in soil and wait to see what comes up!


May your seeds produce beautiful and bountiful crops for the pleasure of your eyes and the delight of your tastebuds!



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