Bhut Jolokia White Chilli Pepper Seeds

Bhut Jolokia White Chilli Pepper Seeds

So white and pure yet so diabolical!



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    The Bhut Jolokia variety comes from India and has fast become one of the most notorious chillies in the world these past few years thanks to its insane heat.

    The beautiful Bhut Jolokia White is about as hot as the others members of this devilish family, led by the fiery Red variety. It defers slightly though in that it has a smooth skin rather than the traditional wrinkled aspect of the Bhut Jolokia but has a great citrusy flavour although not as noticeable as the Bhut Jolokia Yellow. 

    The plant itself will take its time to grow like most chillies of the Chinense family but the rewards are definitely worth the effort especially when the plant is full of pure snow-white pods.


    10 seeds per pack.

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