Moruga (Morouga) Yellow Chilli Pepper Seeds

Moruga (Morouga) Yellow Chilli Pepper Seeds

As much flavour and less heat than its red cousin, but still really freaking hot !



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    For those not aware, the Trinidad Scorpion Moruga is a pepper that created a global little revolution in the chilli world a few years back. Created by Nature but enhanced by genetic crossings, this particular strain is impressive by its aspect alone. Roughly the size of a golf ball with a bumpy skin and very plump flesh this is not your average Jalapeno!   


    The fruity flavour is a whole story in itself but it’s the searing heat that truly made its reputation. The Yellow variety is a tad milder than its red counterpart but still immense for us mere mortals. A very productive plant, the Trinidad Scorpion Moruga will always be the talk of the town and we have seen many an amateur succumb to its tantalising assets.

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