Orange Tree Habanero Chilli Pepper Seeds

An exotic and HOT bright orange chilli pepper on a beautiful plant!



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    Far from us to be cocky and think that we can handle the hottest chillies in the world but we have certainly earned our medals when it comes to tasting some of the most pungent ones.

    The Orange Tree Habanero is one of these. We underestimated it at first as we had been told it was a medium hot chilli pepper but as soon as our tongue came into contact with the fruit it started burning, and burning, and burning until we finally asked ourselves something that doesn't usually pop into our minds: what have I done?

    Once the heat receded though a wonderfully fruity flavour spread all around our mouths which is very different from most chillies that give you the flavour first and then the burn. 

    The Orange Tree Habanero plant itself is absolutely gorgeous and is very aptly named as it does look like a little tree with its woody stems and its bushy tops full of bright orange pointy chillies sunning themselves towards the sky.

    This is a plant that is rather easy to grow and should give you at least 50 chillies throughout the season so definitely a great chilli plant to have around!

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