Red Savina Chilli Pepper Seeds

Red Savina Chilli Pepper Seeds

A cousin of the Habanero, the epic Red Savina will entrance you from the first bite!



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    The Red Savina is a mythical chilli not only because of its insane heat (2007 hottest chilli in the world) but also because of its flavour which is reminiscent of a very fruity habanero. A mysterious subtle tone really sets it apart from its habanero cousin though, a flavour that stays on the tongue long after the burn has gone.  

    This is a chilli that rates at half a million SHU (Scoville Heat Units) so definitely not for the chilli beginners out there unless they want to grow the plant for its beauty. Indeed, with tall leafy stems and delicate branches full of pods, the red Savina plant is great to have as a feature alone in your garden or your home. And nothing stops you from giving away its fruits, many a chilli head will thank you for it!

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