Habanero White Chilli Pepper Seeds

Habanero White Chilli Pepper Seeds

A rare and beautiful type of chilli pepper that despite its white-and-pure-as-snow aspect is a fruit as hot as hell!



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    Many a chilli head is addicted to the notorious habanero chilli pepper. Indeed, this variety is particularly hot and fruity, a combination that is bound to win over pretty much anybody who likes the right mix of spice and flavour.

    The white Habanero is a rarer kind of chilli pepper. The red, orange and chocolate habaneros are probably the most famous ones but the white variety is definitely intriguing. Slightly thinner than its cousins, the Habanero White is thought to come from Peru and holds its ground on the Scoville Scale at a mere 300,000!

    All we know is that a single plant will give you many chillies, a perfect excuse to invite your friends over for a good curry or chile con carne!


    10 seeds per pack

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