NuMex Suave Orange Chilli Pepper Seeds

NuMex Suave Orange Chilli Pepper Seeds

For those who love the flavour of the habanero but not really the heat, the NuMex Suave (i.e mellow or smooth in Spanish) is there for you!



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    Once you start getting into chillies it is easy to go for one type over another. Some people are naga fans while others swear by the scotch bonnet, cayenne or jalapeno. There is a definite faction of habanero addicts out there though but the problem for some is that it is just too hot. 


    Well fret not as The NMSU (New Mexico State University) Chilli Institute managed to create a type of habanero that has all the flavour of the original but very little of the heat (only 800 SHU).   


    Some people say that there is little difference between the NuMex Suave Orange and the Red kind but we tend to find that, like bell peppers, the orange variety is more peppery. An excellent chilli to have with a snack, grilled on the barbecue or chopped up and mixed in with scrambled eggs!


    10 seeds per pack

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