Raja Mirch Chilli Pepper Seeds

Raja Mirch Chilli Pepper Seeds

A rare type of chilli at the origin of the famous naga chilli pepper! No wonder it’s called the “King of Chillies”!



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    The Raja Mirch chilli pepper is believed to be at the source of all naga chillies. The seeds are difficult to collect and prepare for an optimum germination hence the rarity of Raja Mirch seeds on the market but also part of its mystic.  


    Grown in the Naga Hills in Northeast India, the chillies produced by the Raja Mirch plant are so hot they have even been used as a biological weapon in tribal conflicts so do handle with care!  


    In terms of flavour we find that it is of course as close to naga chillies as one can get but slightly less bitter. You better have 10 people coming over though if you are going to use one in your cooking it’s that hot!


    10 seeds per pack.

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