7 Pot (Pod) Red Chilli Pepper Seeds

7 Pot (Pod) Red Chilli Pepper Seeds

Another rare type of chilli but much sought after for its insane heat and enticing fruity flavour.



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    The Red 7 Pot gets its name from the urban legend that only one chilli can turn 7 pots of stew into actual molten lava in its native Trinidad.  


    The great thing with the Red 7 Pot is that once you get the plant going (which is pretty easy) you get a multitude of chillies that go from light green to a gorgeous silky dark red. It is also one of the best chillies to use if you are making curry as its particular taste and of course intense heat turn any dish into a whirlwind of flavours. 


    It might not be the nicest looking chilli when you look at it due to its bumpy and wrinkled aspect but it is entirely forgiven when consumed and even secretly worshipped in the chilli community... it’s always the quiet ones after all...


    10 seeds per pack.

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