Morouga (Moruga) Red Chilli Pepper Seeds

Morouga (Moruga) Red Chilli Pepper Seeds

One of the heavyweight champions of the chilli world and quite rare too!



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    The red Trinidad Scorpion Morouga (moruga) blend is a chilli pepper that is bound to get you all hot and bothered... literally! This is a rare strain that is thought to be a cross between the morouga chilli pepper and the blistering Trinidad scorpion so you get lots of flavour and of course a hell of a lot of heat!  


    The red morouga (moruga) plants grow rather tall and upright with generally a good amount of chillies on them that mature from green to orange and finally bright red. The red morouga pods have a slightly bumpy skin and a shape reminiscent of the scotch bonnet although the heat is much more intense.  


    This is the type of chillies that you have to see, smell and taste to believe so get yourself a pack of seeds and let yourself be wowed by the red morouga chilli pepper. 


    10 seeds per pack

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