Fatalii White Chilli Pepper Seeds

Fatalii White Chilli Pepper Seeds

Beautiful as snow drops, but hot like white fire!



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    Some chillies are grown for their proliferation, heat or flavour, some are grown for their decorative aspect but if there is one variety that is grown for all of these reasons it is the Fatalii White. Like most Fatalii chillies this is still a rare type that is gaining in notoriety thanks to its aroma and level of pungency but also because it is truly a magnificent plant to gaze at throughout its growth thanks to the multitude of creamy white fruit dangling from its delicate branches like snowdrops. 

    Although some say that the Fatalii White is not as hot as the more mainstream Fatalii Yellow it still definitely packs up a punch and is not to be used lightly unless you are a chilli connoisseur. It is also a chilli that dries well and is just insane flavour-wise when smoked or turned into a chilli paste. 

    10 seeds per pack. 

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