Aji Crystal Chilli Pepper Seeds

Aji Crystal Chilli Pepper Seeds

The Aji Crystal chilli pepper is delightful to taste but beware of its sting when at full maturity!



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    What we love about the Aji Crystal (also spelt Cristal) chilli plant apart from the beauty of its thin waxy pods that have a wonderful aromatic flavour, is its trickery nature. Starting off as light green and slowly turning pale yellow the Aji Crystal chilli pepper is of a slight citrusy flavour and medium hot heat that suits most people...


    But wait until it has reached a glowing red and you’ll see what we mean about trickery! Not qualified as a superhot chilli pepper the Aji Crystal still has a decent spot on the Scoville Scale and will surely delight all chilli heads out there. But fret not if you want to enjoy the flavour more than the heat of the Aji Crystal chilli pepper as unlike other chilli peppers that are quite bitter before reaching full maturity the Aji Crystal can be eaten at the early stages when reaching its pale yellow colour.


    10 Seeds per pack.

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