How do I germinate my seeds?
To help you with germination we have put together a guide that can be found here! How long does it take to grow chilli plants? Germination takes between 1 and 6 weeks depending on the variety you have chosen and after about a month above soil they are usually ready to be potted on. A typical chilli seedling takes between 80 and 120 days to turn into a beautiful fully fledged plant with fruits ripening shortly after that. Be aware though that hotter varieties of chillies such as Chocolate Habanero, Trinidad Scorpion or Morouga generally take a little longer to germinate therefore pushing back the date of harvest so adapt the time of your planting accordingly. 

What makes chillies spicy?
In one word: Capsaicinoids. The capsaicin molecule is to be found in the flesh, on the skin but most of all in the seeds and thin inner membranes of the chilli which is why a lot of people take them out beforehand.  

How can I get chilli off my hands?
From experience you can remove most of the capsaicin from your hands by putting a spoonful of granulated sugar in your palms and adding washing up liquid to it, make sure you get all the nook and cranny's though before washing in warm water.  

How can I reduce the burn after eating chillies?
The quickest and most effective way is to drink full fat milk, as it contains a substance called casein that binds with the capsaicin and helps keep it away from the receptors in your mouth. Any type of fat is good to use though such as cream (especially while eating if you really can’t take it anymore) or butter. If you are about to eat a very hot chilli or sauce make sure to have eaten a little something beforehand to line the stomach and avoid getting cramps later on.



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