Bountiful Seeds is an online shop with a simple mission: to provide a wide choice of quality chilli pepper seeds from the five known families (namely Annuum, Baccatum, Chinense, Frutescens and Pubescens) to as many people as possible, chilli beginners as well as experienced veterans.

After all, what better way to curb your chilli craving and save yourself some money (in some cases a hell of a lot!) than to grow your own plants in the kitchen, your garden or even your office? Nature has done things well by creating numerous varieties of chilli plants to suit all kinds of palates and added its own personal touch by making all of these plants absolutely gorgeous. Whether you go for a dwarf or lanky variety, a bushy or delicate foliaged-plant, a light green or nearly black stemmed assortment, you can be sure that your eyes will feast on beauty from the moment the seeds germinate up to the point where the chillies take on an enticing bright red colour to indicate that they are ready to seduce your tastebuds. Many chillies even take on various colours during their growth to make you even more expectant such as green of course but also cream, yellow, orange and even purple!  

The good thing with chilli plants is that you don't need to have a magic gardener's touch to grow them. As long as you respect basic conditions of temperature and light you are on the right track. We have been the first ones to experiment with chilli seeds, not knowing what would come of it and in 90% of cases (which is pretty damn good in the botanic world) sturdy plants appeared, giving us wonderful fruits to gorge on. 

Chillies have been around for centuries and are a staple ingredient in many everyday meals in countries such as India, China, Morocco as well as the whole of South America. Chillies really started taking off in the US less than a century ago and is still thriving while Australia and the UK really started their chilli craze about 15 years ago or so. Other European countries are a bit more wary of chilli peppers but France is starting to come along as well as Italy, the Netherlands and Spain of course. Many recipes can incorporate chilli peppers in, even cakes and ice cream! And believe us, once you start putting chilli in your food you'll become obsessed with finding new ways to enjoy its hot and tasty pleasures!

At Bountiful Seeds we therefore aim to regroup all nations and answer people's wishes when it comes to beauty, heat and of course flavour of chilli pepper! Indeed, those who are not already in the know will be more than surprised at the differences between one chilli and another. There is no comparison between a Naga and a Jalapeno for example, they are just miles apart, not only when it comes to taste but also in heat measurement which is calculated thanks to the practical Scoville scale, a kind of Richter scale for chillies which is definitely good to know when trying out new varieties although we do like being surprised from time to time.

We set up Bountiful Seeds not only to provide you with the main types of chillies such as Habanero, Tabasco, Scotch Bonnet or Cayenne but are also really excited at the idea of giving you access to much rarer varieties such as Trinidad Scorpion, Morouga, 7 Pot, Douglah, Prairie Fire, NuMex Twilight or Filius Blue. We already have about 70 new kinds of chilli peppers nearly ready to be harvested in our polytunnel and put into the Bountiful Seeds' stock and one thing is for sure, we will grow even rarer types next year!

We are keen to hear about you and see how we can tailor Bountiful Seeds to your needs. We have endeavoured to provide a clear and reliable description of each chilli we sell and will develop many features as we go along. To hear more about all of our exciting news you can find us on Facebook and Twitter. Good planting!



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Everything you need to know about the scoville scale
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