Although the Bountiful Seeds' team tries to consider all chillies equal, let's face it, some of us have got favourites and when it comes to chillies, the hotter the better. It's a good thing then that the Chinense family of chilli peppers counts some of the hottest kinds out there so here is a little recap for those who are already in the know or a a little lesson for chilli beginners although, as always, we advise extreme caution when handling these gorgeous but devilish pods!

A chilli pepper we have heard a lot of lately is the Red Morouga (also spelt Moruga) as it has taken its rightful place amongst the hottest chillies in the world in no time. This is still a rare strain though so do get your hands on it as soon as you see some available. As mentioned its heat is blistering but its flavour is also what makes its popularity as it is a cross between the tasty red savina chilli pepper and the insane Trinidad Scorpion. The result? An amazing chilli to flavour all kinds of food although we tend to prefer it when blended in with smoked food such as fish or bacon and of course a slow-cooked chilli con carne. 

It took us a while to get our hands on the 7 Pot chilli pepper said to find its roots in Trinidad, not only because we wanted to try it but also to provide you with great quality seeds of course and boy were we in for a treat! One of our favourite hot sauce of all times contains the Yellow 7 Pot so we already knew what to expect flavour-wise although we weren't quite ready for its silly rating on the Scoville scale! Despite its heat though the Yellow 7 Pot is a very delicate-tasting chilli, full of depth like a Scotch Bonnet but in a more subtle way. The Red 7 Pot is slightly sweeter but when it comes to spice it is like swallowing molten lava! This shouldn't deter you though as again the flavour is well worth the temporary blindness/crippled stomach/sledgehammer headache/blistered mouth (just kidding of course... or are we?). With a multitude of chillies on each plant throughout the season and a relatively easy growth rate the 7 Pot chilli is one of the best types to have in your house or garden and even office if you like to be a talking point!

Another mystical chilli pepper when it comes to heat is the Chocolate Bhut Jolokia. Just like the Chocolate Habanero, the Chocolate Bhut Jolokia is said to be the hottest of its family, something that we are certainly not going to refute! A little reminder though, there isn't a trace of cacao in this chilli pepper, the Chocolate is a simple reference to its colour although nothing stops you from dipping a pod in dark chocolate if you are in the (just about craziest) mood for it! Sourced from a stable strain the Chocolate Bhut Jolokia seeds available at Bountiful Seeds will give you beautiful (and HOT!) pods as long as the right conditions and a bit of TLC have been provided along the way!

Chilli Pepper Pete needs no introduction. One of the precursor of the chilli craze in the UK this brand and the man behind it of course have changed the British palate forever. It is therefore with quite some pride that we stock his seeds at Bountiful Seeds. And what other variety than the world famous Naga chilli pepper? Used by millions, the naga is most loved for its potent heat and slightly bitter taste that marries itself well with other components of a hot sauce such as onions or tomatoes.

Last but certainly not least is the Bhut Jolokia from the renowned New Mexico Chilli Pepper Institute that has given us many great varieties to suit everybody's palate no matter how delicate or chilli-resistant. Its Bhut Jolokia definitely pertains to the latter category as it is extreme in every sense of the word. Past the initial kick in the teeth, the flavour of the Bhut Jolokia shines through, leaving you in the after-chilli bliss that so many of you out there are after!

So if rubbing raw chillies in your eyes seems like the last resort to get rid of your chilli fix, don't do it just yet and get yourself some 7 Pot, Morouga, Chilli Pepper Pete Naga, Chocolate or CPI Bhut Jolokia from Bountiful Seeds and see if you are still craving chillies after that!



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