Rocoto Red Chilli Pepper Seeds

Rocoto Red Chilli Pepper Seeds

A miniature bell pepper-like chilli that has been around for thousands of years and hides a mysterious secret! Will you be the one to grow it and reveal its dark nature?



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    The most famous of the Pubescens variety the Rocoto red comes from the Andes in Peru and is a particularly hot type of chilli pepper growing on a shrub-like plant that is often found in the wild.

    Although somewhat slow to reach full maturity the Rocoto Red chilli pepper is well worth the time and effort not only for its culinary properties but also because of its intriguing black seeds.


    It is usually better to use the Rocoto Red chilli pepper fresh as the thick walls tend to make the drying process rather difficult but it is fantastic to make salsa with or include it in baked dishes such as enchiladas or chilli con carne.


    10 seeds per pack

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