Habanero Peach Chilli Pepper Seeds

Habanero Peach Chilli Pepper Seeds

Deliciously fruity but with a serious kick!



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    Habaneros are chillies from the Caribbean Islands that are widely celebrated for their fruitiness as well as pungency.  Although the Red Habanero is probably the most famous we are seeing more and more variations entering the market these past few years like the Chocolate or White one.

    The Peach Habanero is everything its name indicates, offering a delicate balance between proper heat and a hint of peach flavour that just asks to be turned into a sauce. The plant itself is rather compact and grows only to about 50 cm but what it lacks in height it will make up for in proliferation, giving you 30 gorgeous pods or more at the height of the season.


    10 seeds per pack. 

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