Chilli Pepper Pete's Naga Chilli Pepper Seeds

Chilli Pepper Pete's Naga Chilli Pepper Seeds

You can never go wrong with Chilli Pepper Pete’s seeds! These Naga chilli seeds have produced beautiful plants with a large number of pods on them.



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    The Naga Chilli Pepper is probably one of the most used and loved chilli pepper out there and has been for quite a few years thanks to its easy growth and intense heat that reaches 1 million scoville on average per pod.  


    The Naga originates from India and it has taken time for Europe to develop trustworthy varieties that would sustain the whims of our unreliable weather. 


    Chilli Pepper Pete’s has been producing naga chilli pepper seeds for a number of years and knowing their reputation for dried chillies, powders and hot sauces we had high expectations for such a popular chilli. The germination rate proved to be excellent and the pods that were picked were slightly sweet with a strong flavour and of course a good kick of chilli! 


    This is a great chilli to use to make your own hot sauce, dry or simply enjoy chopped up in a curry or chilli con carne.  


    10 seeds per pack

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