Bolivian Rainbow Chilli Pepper Seeds

Bolivian Rainbow Chilli Pepper Seeds

Beautiful, pungent and highly sought-after! A chilli plant that truly has it all!



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    Bolivian restaurants might not be the norm in Europe but you only have to step into the country to understand how much food is at the epicentre of life in Bolivia. Many everyday produce such as coffee, corn, soybean, rice and potatoes come from Bolivia but there is one thing it is most famous for: the Bolivian Rainbow chilli pepper. 


    Chillies are widely used in Bolivia, especially in the traditional Pollo Piccante but the Bolivian Rainbow is just something else. Grown for its ornamental values just as much as for its heat, this chilli plant with delicate dark foliage and robust stalks produces a multitude of bullet-shape pods that, as you’ve guessed, take the colours of the rainbow from green to yellow, orange and purple before settling on a beautiful carmine red.  


    Perfectly edible, the Bolivian Rainbow chilli is more used for its heat than for its flavour but it will definitely get your senses going in a jiffy! 


    10 seeds per pack.

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