Patio Fire Chilli Pepper Seeds

Patio Fire Chilli Pepper Seeds

This rare chilli plant will illuminate your patio and the inside of your house!



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    Not much is known of the rare Patio Fire chilli plant except that it is a particularly ornamental variety that deserves to be on the same par as a Prairie Fire for example.

    Rather taller than the latter, the Patio Fire chilli plant is still a dwarf kind but is absolutely beautiful when left in the sun on your windowsill, terrace or garden. Indeed, the long pointed fruits form a great contrast with the dark foliage by showing themselves a little bit above the top of the stems, much like flames would do above a coal fire. These start off as green but will soon take on various degrees of orange to finally settle on an ember red that will leave you salivating.

    Despite its name, the fruits from the Patio Fire chilli plant are not all that hot but form a rather welcome addition to your everyday food, especially in sauces and salsas!


    10 seeds per pack.

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