Bulgarian Carrot Chilli Pepper Seeds

Bulgarian Carrot Chilli Pepper Seeds

The Bulgarian Carrot is a versatile type of hot chilli pepper that is perfect for salads, pickles, salsas and marinades.



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    Some might be tempted to think that the Bulgarian Carrot is a savoury type of chilli pepper when in fact it has a slightly fruity taste akin to pineapple. Its popularity also comes from its extremely pleasurable crunchiness which makes it an ideal chilli pepper to use in salads or to pickle.


    Feeling at home either in the ground or in pots, the Bulgarian Carrot is a lovely type of chilli pepper to grow although most people are surprised by its bite. Its name of course comes from its shape reminiscent of a carrot and the bright orange colour it develops when reaching fully maturity after going from green to yellow.


    The Bulgarian Carrot chilli pepper plant is a heavy bearer, even more since the pods grow in clusters therefore making it very good value for money and brightening your home or garden in a most striking way.


    10 Seeds per pack

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