Poinsettia Chilli Pepper Seeds

Poinsettia Chilli Pepper Seeds

A twist on the traditional Poinsettia plant! This one will give you numerous long chilli pods that grow upright and are not only highly ornamental but also fantastic to eat!



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    Also intriguingly called the Japanese Hot Claw, the Poinsettia chilli plant is not unlike the famous Christmas plant except that it produces many clusters of long pointy chilli peppers that grow upright and are highly attractive to the yes... and the tastebuds!


    This dramatic display is even more enhanced by the fact that the Poinsettia chilli peppers go from light green to a variety of reds throughout the season. Great in many cuisines although we find it at its best in Asiatic dishes the Poinsettia chilli pepper is rather deceptive in terms of heat as some are medium hot while others pack up a punch. A great chilli plant to have for its beauty and of course for its edible treats! 


    10 seeds per pack

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