Black Hungarian Chilli Pepper Seeds

Black Hungarian Chilli Pepper Seeds

A beautiful variety of chilli pepper that produces abundant yields of medium hot chilli peppers.



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    Hungary has given us yeast, contact lenses, horse stirrups, all things good and useful but none were as good as the Black Hungarian chilli pepper. Extremely attractive, the sturdy Black Hungarian chilli plant his highlighted throughout with blue-ish veins and produces countless amounts of gorgeous purple flowers that turn into 3-4’’ pods similar to the jalapeno in shape but of a shiny black that turns to red when reaching full maturity. 


    The Black Hungarian chilli pepper is too often overlooked when we think it should be as well known as a cayenne or a scotch bonnet.  Its flavour is certainly memorable while its medium heat makes it a very versatile chilli pepper to use in a number of cuisines.


    10 seeds per pack

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