Filius Blue Chilli Pepper Seeds

Filius Blue Chilli Pepper Seeds

A particularly beautiful compact chilli plant that gives out small and gorgeous but devilishly hot dark red fruits!



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    There is no beating around the bush with the Filius Blue chilli plant: for us it was love at first sight. We started growing this plant on our desks at work and were surprised to get such good results with office lights rather than natural daylight. 


    The Filius Blue doesn’t grow tall, a mere 20-25 cm we would say but what it lacks in height it more than makes up for in beauty: the dainty leaves are violet coloured with speckles of white whilst the chillies themselves start off as dark purple and stay that way until the very last days of maturity when they suddenly turn red. 


    We haven’t stop singing the praises of the Filius Blue chilli pepper plant and a lot of our friends now grow this particular type every year. The fruits might be small though but they definitely pack up a punch so beware!


    10 seeds per pack

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